Thursday, 2 October 2008

The revolution is slowly building...

AppleInsider posted some stats today showing that mac usage is steadily growing on the web.
Good to see! I checked my blog stats, and unsurprisingly almost 50% of hits are from Macs, however as I post a lot about mac related stuff, and hit the blog myself (haven't figured out how to remove my stats from feedburner yet) it's not all that big a surprise.

I wish there was some way to filter out 'corporate' usage from the stats - as the consumer market is much more interesting seeing as you get to use what you choose, not what your workplace forces you to use. I have worked in one place where developers got the choice, and were actually encouraged to have a Linux build PC rather than Windows - coding was all Java on Apache and Tomcat, and the prod servers were Unix/Linux anyway. And there is usually a few Macs hanging about in the design departments of most companies, but I get the feeling they are just tolerated (use at your own risk!) and don't get a lot of support from operations desks, which is probably just a knowledge issue - Mac OSX is getting more and more 'compatible' with LDAP etc, and the average Mac user is probably willing to dig around in the shell and work out how to get up and running...

With the enterprise moving more and more towards Web based applications (which I have mixed feelings about!), the dependance on windows thin/thick client apps is slowly decreasing - I think I have about two or three non web based apps installed at work currently, and I barely use them at all.

Would be interesting to hear from some sys admins as to how easy it is to integrate Linux and Mac desktops into traditional windows based networks.

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  1. And no, this isn't a windows bashing article! Just standing up for the average person to have their choice :)