Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My MkII is here!

I ordered my 5D MK II last Tuesday from Calumet, and as promised it turned up (body only) on Friday. No waiting!

Weather has been a bit grim, and I was working on Saturday, so only a few shots so far at Richmond Park. What is dissapointing (or a blessing in disguise?!) is that my white Macbook can't play back the H264 video it shoots, so it looks like an upgrade is going to be on the books if I want to shoot much video.

JPG file size is pretty crazy - biggest one is 11MB at the moment. Couldn't imagine how much storage you'd need shooting RAW every day! Lightroom is having a bit of trouble rendering the images, so I think I need a new macbook with the GPU rendering stuff.

Full frame is cool tho, the 17-40L lens looks sooooo wide! And the viewfinder is HUGE compared to the 350D.



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