Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Safari 4 beta - first impressions

safari 4 beta coverflow history

First... it's fast! Really quick rendering and DNS resolution.

- Coverflow history - probably a bit too gimmicky for me, but it's a nice idea
- fast fast fast!
- CSS3 support - tho I've not found many sites that make use of many new features
- Resizeable text areas! Just spotted this on a forum I post on... some text areas (not too sure how it's defined) have a grabby handle on the bottom right corner, for making a text area bigger. Nice feature :) Not sure if it messes up layouts at all.

- For some reason, installing this causes to crash if growlmail notifications are enabled. Grrrr. had to go remove the growlmail bundle and turn off growlmail in the growl prefs to get up and running (some webkit exception everytime mail was downloaded)

- not too sure about the tabs yet - keep accidently shutting the wrong tab down, but that's cause i'm used to the X being on the right from firefox
- top sites page - I cleared out all their 'defaults' (cnn, disney, c'mon!), but it's not catching up with my browsing history yet. Will wait and see on this one..

That's about it for now - 30 mins in, and nothing else to moan about! Anything that speeds up browsing has got to be a good thing.


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