Sunday, 14 June 2009

Baaaa! UK ad filmed in Wellington Train Station

Keep seeing the Trainline ad come up on the telly, and always thought it had been filmed at Wellington Train Station (in New Zealand).

Turns out it was! And they're not hiding it - there's a note on their site:
The advert was shot in Wellington Station, New Zealand. Why? Because sheep in the UK don't have woolly coats in the summer.

I've always liked the main building at Wellington Train Station - bit of a shame the platforms are so rubbish tho! They've managed to hide the supermarket that's taken over one end of the main entrance, and some of the old drycleaning shops etc (are they still there?!). The timetable board shown in the Ad isn't there tho, must have got that from a UK station and spliced it in.

Here's the ad for anyone that hasn't seen it:

The link.

A few (?!) years ago while walking through Wellington, we spotted another UK ad being filmed, for Sugar Puffs. Starring the 'Honey Monster', he was jumping down onto a skip in an alleyway just off Courtney Place. Not knowning who the Honey Monster is, it looked rather weird to us! Been looking on YouTube, but can't find that ad. Let me know if anyone finds it?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Row row row your boat..


... or not, as the case may be for these poor boats!

Taken at Lake Windermere, Lake District, England.