Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lovely Kos (Κως)

Arrived in Kos town last night, on a ferry from Rhodes.

The island is beautiful, as most Greek Islands seem to be! We're staying at Pension Alexis, which is fantastic. Large, clean rooms (ours has a balcony overlooking the port and Castle!), and a very friendly welcome from Sonia and her son, who run the Pension. Dinner was at a local Taverna recommended by Sonia.

Today we hired scooters and drove out to Mastichari Beach in the morning, where I had a quick swim, and we had lunch at 'El Greko' restaurant, where my sister L. used to work 5 or 6 summers ago (photo on the left was taken there, mix of salads and dips, yum!). The owner Catherine was there, and she remembered both L., and Mum, who was a holiday rep there at the same time. Lovely food, and a beautiful location right on the beach.

Drove back to the Askipillion, where Hiprocates used to teach apparently. Almost had a problem with taking the camera in, which was weird... no tripods OR 'professional' cameras, tho I've seen 'pros' working with point and shoot cameras, and total incompetents with the big 1DS Canons, so the type of camera really doesn't determine what you'll be doing with the shots! Was ok tho, took lots of 'snapshots' with us in them, so there is no way we could have been mistaken for 'professionals' haha! Bit more driving around in the afternoon, then found a cafe with free wifi.

I've been quite impressed with the wifi and internet access in the Greek islands so far - fast ADSL connections, and most cafes leave their wifi open to use as long as you're drinking. Beers are around 2.50-4.50 euros for a 500ml, so it's not too bad, esp as we were going to have a beer anyway!

Booked up ferry for tomorrow afternoon (hydrofoil!) going to Kalymnos, the next island over. And also booked a cabin on the big ferry from Kalymnos to Thessenolaki for Thursday night - takes about 20 hours, but a lot of that is overnight (leaves at 10PM, arrives at 6PM the next night), and we have a private cabin to hide in with air con, and there are plenty of bars aboard to keep us entertained.

Next post may be from Kalymnos, or from the Ferry to Thessenolaki, even the ferries have internet here!

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  1. Hi Rach - did not know you were going to Kalymnos. Please please go to Emborios and say hi to Georgos and Irene and Maria and her husband at the last taverna on the beach. Not the one up the hill. Its the taverna with the music. Oh you lucky people - Emborios is the last village on the road. there is only one north. it only takes 45 minutes to get there by taxi. taxi is the best way to see this island and would only take a day. Love you