Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rhodes, but where's the Collossus?

Arrived in Rhodes, Greece on Sat 4th July, after a rather boring flight from Cyprus to Athens, a delayed plane (not sure why), then sitting on the runway for another 2 hours while security threw a group of Greeks off the plane. Wish we knew what they were saying, was rather heated for a while, with some fists being thrown about.

Rhodes Old Town

Weather is much more forgiving than Cyprus, only a lovely 22-24 deg, and a nice breeze. Got up really early this morning to take some photos before the hordes of tourists came piling off their cruise ships. Cats everywhere, most are strays. Staying at 'Mango Rooms', a nice budget place with double rooms, and a bar right in the middle of the twisting Old Town alleyways in a lovely square.


Found a fantastic taverna last night, Taverna Kostas, which is in the Loney Planet, so not that off the beaten track, but the food was good price and really nice and rustic (spicy meatballs YUM!). Today we trawled the tourist trap shops for a while, and we both picked up knock off sunglasses for €6 each (Gucci for me!), then up a tourist-trap clocktower (which did happen to have the best view in the Old Town), and onto the Palace of Knights, which is full of mosaic floors 'borrowed' (forcibly removed?!) from the Island of Cos (Kos).


K is off on his own now doing some exploring, as I'm too tired to go out in the sun.

Next stop, the island of Kos, via ferry tomorrow afternoon.

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