Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Croatia (part 1)

After Slovenia, we jumped on yet another train, this time during the day to Zagreb. While it's a big city, we found ourselves pretty bored there, as we're totally over museums (how many broken pots are there in the world?!) and the hostel was rather boring too. So lots of mooching around cafes and sitting in parks.

Next stop was Split. We took a night train, and decided to save some € by getting seats rather than couchettes or beds, and after a late start ended up with four young Americans in our compartment, which was a little too cosy for me! Arrived at about 7am, and wandered about like zombies for the day. Sadly, the fast train from Zagreb that day derailed, killing 6 people.

Split, Croatia

Split is a lovely UNESCO protected city, which we were staying within the protected zone. The old town is actually a palace built for a roman emporer to retire in, that over time has been cannabilised into homes and shops.

Split, Croatia

We spent four days here, taking a bit of a break - beaches, swimming, a day trip to Hvar Island, and some quiet sightseeing ;).

Hvar, Croatia

Our last evening we met up with K's parents, who are touring Europe at the moment, and ended up joining their tour group for dinner.

Next stop, Bosnia!

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