Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Six weeks down...

We are almost six weeks through our trip. We've left Eastern Europe behind (well, until later in the year!), and are about to head to France.

Here's a map of where we've gone so far - not quite as detailed as I'd like, need to plug in some of the day trips that are missing in Croatia and Italy.

Posts on where we've been are slowly coming - the internet access in Italy has been pretty disappointing, with no free public wifi, and very few internet cafes. Hostel/Hotel access has been pretty patchy too.

View Europe 2009 - to mid Aug in a larger map

Tomorrow we leave Italy, taking a train from Milano to Marseilles, France (via Genoa and Nice - a train trip we've done before going the other way). We have 2 nights in Marseilles, then another train to Perpigan, where we meet K's parents for a week in a villa up in a tiny village in the French mountains (it has a pool!). Feels funny to be taking a holiday from holidaying... :)


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  1. Hi guys, looks like you are having cool time. Your photos are great so far. Don't see much booze in the photos and am sure this happens. Haha
    Love Sarah