Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Took a night train from Belgrade to Ljubjana, Slovenia on 19th July. We booked couchettes, and managed to get away with only one other person in our 6-berth compartment. Crossed two Borders (Serbia - Croatia, and Croatia -Slovenia), so lots of waking up for passport checks.

Ljubjana is so clean and tidy compared to the rest of the Balkan countries, everyone has a new car and there seems to be a lot more money around.

Ljubana, Slovenia

Spent the morning looking around the castle, where K walked up the hill and I took the funicular up - K was up there 5 mins before me :) The river area is lovely with cafes lining the sides.

Discovered the best 'Burek' we've had yet - a pastry with either cheese, meat or spinach in it, that can be found throughout the Balkan states. These weighed 1KG each!

Ljubana, Slovenia

Found a tea shop where we stocked up on loose jasmine green tea, and also found some replacement sandals for R, nice new North Face ones. The trusty old Merrells went in the bin, wrapped in a layer of smell-proof (I hope!) plastic.

Next day was a train to Lake Bled, a 55min train to Lesec-Bled station, then some confusion to find a bus for the 4km drive to the town of Bled. We took a walk around the lake, 6km around. Stunning emerald water, a picturesque church on an island in the lake, with the castle looming. Exactly as it looks in postcards.

Bled, Slovenia

Hiked out to a Gorge (which I'll dig the name out of), and walked through the 1.6km alongside a river. Stunning scenery, and the entire length of the gorge is in shade, so the coolness is a welcome relief. The river is freezing!

Bled, Slovenia

The next morning, we went up the steep climb to the castle for more stunning views. Purchased our first souvenir, a bottle of Merlot that R bottled with the help of a monk called Anton. Need to find an occasion to drink it, need the space in my pack back ;)

Next stop, Zagreb in Croatia.

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