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Finally... a blog post! We've not had a lot of internet access over the last month, so have been rather useless with blogging. Prepare for an onslaught!

28 - 30 July.
We caught the bus from Croatia to Sarajevo, Bosnia which takes about 7 hours. The trip is quite nice as it follows the coast down to Ploce, and then heads inland past Mostar and up a picturesque river gorge before dropping down into Sarajevo.

Our hostel was fairly central, about 10 mins walk into town and just down the road from where we were staying was the Holiday Inn which housed journalists during the war with Serbia and Sniper Alley which was a targeted by Serbian snipers in the hills surrounding Sarajevo. We visited the house which was the start of the tunnel underneath Sarajevo airport (controlled by the UN during the war) through to the 'Free Bosnian' mountains, which was the only way of bringing in supplies/medicine etc. when the city was surrounded by Serbian forces.


The Turkish quarter is like a big market with lots of grills, cafes, and shops selling tourist tat. The smoke from the grills engulfs the central square, I think the best way to describe it is as one big barbeque. It's a good place to get some grilled meat and bread, which is about all we had for the time we were here.


On the 30th we got up early and dragged ourselves down to the train station for a 7am train to Mostar. We were still sitting on train in Sarajevo station at 9am when started the sick rumour that there was a train strike on, of course nobody could confirm it. A few minutes later we got an email from our Mostar hostel saying there was a strike and we should get a bus. We eventually got to Mostar on the bus, a few euros and hours worse off.

Mostar was very hot as we took a walk to have a look at Stari Most which bridges the river between the Croatian and Muslim sides of the town. This was blown up and rebuilt 3 times during the war, now locals jump off into the river for money from tourists.


More photos here: Sarajevo :: Mostar
Next stop, back into Croatia to Dubrovnik.

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