Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Croatia (pt. The Second)

31 July - 2 August

We caught a bus the next morning for Dubrovnik, deciding to leave the train to it's own devices. Got up really early, as the bus left at 7AM, to find a few people from the hostel that had just got in from a night out sitting on the couch, and one of our dorm mates who was an earlier casualty from that night out sleeping in the dorm sans clothes or sheets! Much giggling ensued, and we probably woke up half the hostel.

Dubrovnik has a nice old town within fortified walls that you can walk around, which we ended up doing in the middle of the day when most people with any sense were hiding inside a pub or cafe. The views are great and it was well worth the effort.


After that we decided we deserved a beer and ended up in an "Irish" pub in the old town called The Gaffe that was playing the Ashes, refreshments were taken. Wandered to the port area of the old town for dinner at a fish restaurant, and Rach tried out the Squid Ink Risotto, which is black colored from the ink, but surprisingly tasty.

Check out how brown we're getting! Us, looking out over Dubrovnik Old Town.

Spent most of the next day on the beach and then watched the Tri Nations against SA in The Gaffe, which was packed with New Zealanders and Australians.


More photos are here.

Next stop, Italy!

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