Thursday, 24 September 2009

Malaga, Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol

27th August

We took the train down to Malaga on Thursday(the trains in Spain really are pretty good) and Liz (Rach's Aunt) picked us up from the train station and took us to Fuengirola were she lives. On Friday we had a look around a castle in Fuengirola, and took a drive up to Mijas village which is a white town up above the coast. It's very picturesque and has a great view out over the Costa del Sol. We went back in the evening to visit a craft market and watch a group performing Flamenco.

Fuengirola Castle

Mijas Taxi service, Costa Del Sol, Spain
Burros Taxi, Mijas

Flamenco, Mijas

Saturday we visited a local market (Rach got some spanish fans and a new dress) and then took the train into Malaga. We cruised around on the tourist bus and looked around the castle above the city. After some tapa for lunch we looked around the Picasso museum which has pieces donated from the Picasso family. By mid afternoon we were blasted from the heat and headed back to Fuengirola for a swim.

The Alcazabar, Malaga

Liz drove us around on Sunday to visit various castles and White Villages up in the mountains. Some stunning views - most of the castles were ruins where anyone can wander about.

White Village, Costa del Sol

More photos are on flickr here :: Fuengirola :: Mijas :: Malaga :: Castle Hunting

Next stop: Norway!

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