Tuesday, 15 September 2009


9 - 12 August
From Palermo we wanted to go to Sardinia, but the once weekly ferry had left the day before so we pulled up stumps and took a flight to Milan. Ahhhhhh, clean streets.

Milan is really nice but doesn't have much going for it tourist wise and it's even worse in August when most bars/cafes/restaurants/shops are closed for the summer holidays. At one stage we sat down for a beer at a sidewalk cafe only to find a small bottle was 10 euros, we were quickly on our way.


After some reading we found out it's where they hide Da Vinci's last supper, unfortunately it was booked out until September. They do have a big Cathedral where you can walk around the roof and annoy Japanese tourists trying to take photos though. Woman have to have their shoulders covered when going into the Cathedral but they don't bother telling anybody that until you get to the front of the queue (it's not long however). This gives rise to a cottage industry of Asian immigrants selling scarves/pashminas etc.. outside the front. This is apparently wrong and the security guards chase them off. It's all a bit of theatre however as they don't really want to catch them, since they can't be bothered hauling them off when they do I guess, so they run at them really fast, then stop and stamp their feet until the sellers take off. Much like you would when chasing a pigeon away. We managed to talk one of the Scarf sellers down to 5 euros before she was shooed away and ventured inside. It's a cathedral, exactly like every other one as far as I can tell.


Found the North Face store, and got some new sandals for Kerry, as his were completely shot!

More photos here.

Next stop, South of France.

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