Thursday, 24 September 2009

Norway Part 1 - Oslo and Bergen

31st August - 2nd September
We originally planned to go to Norway in October, but the end of the Kayaking season came up quicker than we realised, so a quick scan of flights, and we were on our way to Norway instead of Portugal.

Flew into Oslo and arrived after midnight, at Rygge/Moss Airport, which is a 30 min coach ride out of Oslo. Dropped off in the middle of the city close to 1AM, and wandered aimlessly for a while before we found the Hostel, then managed to wake up everyone else in our dorm while we tried to find our beds, sorry!

The next day we did a combo of sightseeing and shopping for our Kayaking trip - all our winter gear was still in London, which originally we would have picked up prior to heading to Norway, doh. Food is rather expensive - a coffee and spanish tortilla for breakfast each came to about €30 each, ouch. Took a ferry out to the Viking Museum in the afternoon, to see some Viking ships.


2nd Sept saw us jump on a train to Bergen - took around 7.5 hours, but travels through some of the most stunning scenery beside inland Fjords, over and through mountains, and next to glaciers. Arrived to some light rain in Bergen, which considering they have 270 days of rain a year we were kindof expecting.


Spent the next morning walking around Bergen, and got some beautiful sun and some great photos. Afternoon we jumped on the train to Myrdal, where we changed onto the Flamsbana Railway, to get to Flam (pronounced 'Flom').


More photos on flickr :: Oslo :: Oslo-Bergen Train :: Bergen.

Next stop, Flam and Kayaking.

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