Tuesday, 15 September 2009

South of France

12 - 13 August
From Milan we took the train to Marseilles. While the scenery along the Cote D'Azur is quite nice, we'd seen it all before going the other way a few years ago though, some sleep was in order.


Marseilles was stinking hot and full of French tourists. To be honest I can't get to grips with French waiters, sometimes they're confounding aloof, and other times they're great. Lots of fish was eaten, with Kerry having a huge Bouillabaisse one night - a big fish soup, where the fish is taken out and eaten whole as part of the meal. One of the waiters at that restuarant had a bit of an accident, managing to project someone's steak dinner a few meters and smashing it everywhere (which a big dog at another table was VERY happy about!). It's almost as good as the theater at times!

Us at the Il'de If - slightly crooked!

We took a trip out to Il' De If, which sits off the coast of Marseilles and is where part of The Count of Monte Cristo is set. Only took an hour to buy the tickets, in the hot hot hot sun! Phew...

More photos are here.

Next stop, Perpingnan, and our villa in the mountains.

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