Monday, 12 October 2009

France, take two

30 Sept - 3 Oct

Next, we stopped for two nights in Biarritz, after a bit of a debacle getting there - it's only about 50km from San Sebastian to Biarritz, but we had to change trains on the French border, only to find the train wasn't running and the staff in the station told everyone the wrong info for the replacement bus... Eventually got there without too much more excitement.

We stayed in a cheap hotel right in the centre of town, by the posh cafe's and jewelery stores, very close to Port Vieux, where we found some cheaper restaurants, and cafes that do really nice breakfasts (the same price as the hotel, but a whole lot more food, and a lot better tasting!). Most of our time was used walking, and hanging out at the Surf beaches.


It rained quite a bit, first rain we've seen for ages, and the surf was pretty dead, so not a lot of action on the beaches. We stopped by the Musee del Mar (Museum of the Sea), to check out the Aquarium - the seals had just been fed, so just lay sleeping and snoring in their pool.

Cafe, Biarritz

From Biarritz, we jumped on a night train through to Lyon, and then another train to Geneva, so bypassed the rest of France completely. Again, a rather slow ride, with lots of long stops in Stations, and a semi-deaf Nun waking up at around 4AM shouting and asking if we were in Lyon yet... half the train yelled at her, and we were on our way again.

More photos on flickr here - Biarritz.
Next stop, Switzerland.

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