Monday, 12 October 2009

Geneva, Switzerland - Cheese, Cheese, Fondue and Mountains

3 Oct - 9 Oct
After skipping most of France, we arrived in Geneva to a cold bright day. Wandered through the Old Town, and along the lake front. Evening was spent with an early dinner at a 'Thai - Chinese' restaurant (the food wasn't one or the other tho), and then went to the movies to see 'Inglorious Basterds' - in original format, with subtitles. Funny thing is, it had French and German subtitles for the Swiss, then started mixing in English ones when the movies dialog was actually in French or German... got rather confusing at times! The Swiss were also laughing at bits we didn't find funny at all, guess we missed something they got in the translations?

The next day we got a bus to Veyrier, and caught a cable car straight up a 1000m cliff face to Saleve (sp?), took a bit of a walk around, and checked out the view.

Geneva, Switzerland

The afternoon was spent with a tour around the Palais of Nations (the UN compound), which was really interesting. It was a Sunday evening, and there was nobody around, no lights on, and they were half way through clearing the last weeks conferences, and setting up the next weeks ones, so there were lots of abandoned photocopiers and piles of junk lying around. Felt quite gloomy at times.

UN, Geneva, Switzerland

Dinner was a fantastic Fondue at a restaurant called Auberge du Savièse - we shared a two person cheese fondue with green peppercorns and shalots (called Fondue Au Poivre), some rather dodgy local wine, and a lot of bread. Mustof eaten a kilo of cheese each... yum tho.

More photos on flickr here - Geneva.
Next stop, Laussane and Bern.

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