Monday, 19 October 2009


We headed up to Heidelberg on Friday morning for some authentic German action. It's a very nice small town situated on the river Neckar and is supposedly in it's "original" state as it was barely bombed during WWII. We stayed next to a pub right in town, I won't bore anybody with the details but basically there's a lot of good pubs and cafes serving local fare(beer and schnitzel) so we ended up having quite a good time for the one night we stayed.


In the morning it was raining heavily so we snuck out for breakfast and managed to get very wet in about 5 minutes. It cleared up enough for us to go up to the Schloß(castle) and have a look around. We also visited the Deutsch Packaging Museum which was about as interesting as an empty cardboard box.

Rain man
Rain, what rain?

Nice pose

More photos here

Next stop: München

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