Monday, 19 October 2009

Switzerland after Geneva

After leaving Geneva we headed to Bern, stopping at Lausanne on the way which is further around Lake Geneva(Léman). We spent a few hours walking around the city and had lunch at an Indian cafe up by the church above the town.

Lausserne, Switzerland
I don't remember it being that sunny

Bern is the capital of Switzerland but you could never tell by walking around it, it's quite a small town centre but very picturesque. We took a guided walking tour in the morning which was a bit lame but showed us some views over the river we hadn't found rambling by ourselves.

Bern, Switzerland
It's a clock, lots of Japanese tourists were watching it so we joined in

Bern, Switzerland
This statue eats children, he looks busy

From Bern we moved onto Zurich. On the night we arrived we visited our friend Enda who Kerry worked with at SwissRe and is now living in Zurich. He cooked us dinner, which if you know him is an amazing feat and then we had a few drinks to catch up. We wisely waited for the last train back to Zurich before leaving, only to find that it didn't even go halfway into town. We found ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere outside Zurich at 1am. We ended up going back to Enda's and kipping the night there.

Swedish Chef
Enda, cooking, this is real, not staged.

After a slow start to the next day we walked around Zurich and did a bit of sightseeing. We visited the basement of one of the police stations where the vaults are covered in paintings, it was quite amazing but we couldn't take photos and I can't find any reference on the web right now so you'll have to live without a photo.

That night we visited Andrew Erickson and his fiancée Agne who now live in Zurich(they were at our wedding) and they cooked us dinner and we caught up over a few drinks. Even though some very nice Ukranian vodka was involved we managed to get a tram that took us back into town without any problems.

In the morning we took a funicular up to Felsenegg which has quite a good view over the city, the weather was a bit grey though so we didn't hang around too long and walked back down the very steep hill. We also visited the Freitag(they make bags from recycled truck covers) shop which is made from shipping containers and has a lookout at the top.

Zurich, Switzerland
There's a bag shop in there

We went out around Neiderdorf strasse for a few more drinks that night catching up with Enda again to cap off our Switzerland trip and cap off us. Ended up in a rather expensive bar - I think we managed to drink away €100 that night, onto plain rice and tap water rations for the next few days, haha.

More photos here: Lausanne :: Bern :: Zurich

Next up: Deutschland.

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