Monday, 5 October 2009

UK Stopover

7-20 September

We had to go back to the UK to pick up travel visas for later in our trip so we spent a couple of weeks messing about waiting for those to be issued. We met Jocelyn and Bruce (K's parents) at Leicester Square and had Yo Sushi for lunch one day, and then later in the week we took them to Brick Lane for a curry before they flew back to NZ. Originally we were just meeting them in France, but ended up seeing them in Croatia, France, Spain, and England.

On the weekend we drove up to Leeds to meet Rhyce and Cath Barker who were staying with Rhyce's brother while they toured about before heading off to the continent and onto the Greek Islands.

Chatsworth - stopped off on the way to Leeds

We caught up over a few beers and had a meal together. On Saturday we drove about the Yorkshire Dales and then had dinner with Rhyce and Cath again. On Sunday we headed back to London to stay with friends and then spent the rest of the week catching up with friends before leaving on the Saturday for Portugal.

Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire Dales

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