Friday, 4 December 2009

Prague, Czech Republic

24-25 October (we know, over a month ago... oops!)

We've been to Prague before, so not sure why we decided to pass through again as it wasn't really on the way. Given we'd seen most of the sites before we decided to head out to a church which has a lot of human bones on display, about an hour out of Prague in the town of Kutna Hora. Very creepy.

Bone Church, Kutna Hora

Bone Church, Kutna Hora

In the afternoon we messed about in town, not much to tell really. Wandered over the Charles Bridge (which is being repaved, so a total traffic jam to walk over), had lunch and wandered back again. Had a beer in a bar

Anyone got the time? Astronomical clock, Prague

More photos on flickr here.

Next stop, Poland.

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