Friday, 4 December 2009


12 - 14 November


After arriving in Irkutsk we headed out to Listvyanka which is on the shore of Lake Baikal, the largest body of freshwater and the deepest lake in the world. Apparently it holds 1/5th of the worlds freshwater. It's about 1 hour on icy/snowy roads and was flippin' cold, and snowing. We visited the local musuem and had a bit of a walk around the village before heading for the relative comfort of our heated hotel.

Listvyanka Village

They have 1L beers in Russia. You hear that! 1L!

The next day we talk a walk to see if we could get a better view of the lake, it was somewhat successful.

Lake Baikal

Rach throwing a snowball.

In the afternoon we headed off for some dog sledding. We don't have any photos of that which is a bummer but it was good fun and exteremely effin' cold.

This isn't a sled dog, he seemed to be guarding some bricks.

We stayed in Irkutsk overnight before catching the train into Mongolia. Irkutsk is quite a big city but doesn't have much going for it tourist wise, we visited a museum of some guy who had been shipped out to Siberia for being involved in a revolution in the 19th century. That's how interesting it gets. It was about -18c as we walked around.

The Angora river, the only outlet of Baikal

More photos on Flickr: here and here

Next up the Trans Mongolian train.

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