Monday, 5 April 2010

Mac OSX Snow Leopard and SMB mounts... more!

Yet another post on mounting smb shares on Mac OSX...
Now I have a Snow Leopard machine, I had a little hassle getting reconnected to our network drives, and had totally forgotten how to connect multiple shares from one server with different passwords...

The Mac help doesn't help on this (how ironic!), and a bit of googling for the smbmount commands made me remember how to do it :)
  1. Using 'Connect to Server' in Finder (CMD+K), enter your smb share in the format: smb://username:password@servername/sharename
  2. Repeat for each share you have
  3. To make life easier, set your server up with static IP's and edit the file found in /etc/hosts (or create it if there isn't one)
  4. Go to your hard disk in Finder, and the share will be sitting there - drag it into your devices list
  5. To have the drives mount next time you log in, go add them to your login prefs
Easy peasy once you know how, huh :) Does mean your passwords aren't hidden away in the Keychain - anyone have a better method?

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