Monday, 7 June 2010

Naked Vet Calendar

In Feburary this year, I worked my biggest assignment so far (in photography anyway!), shooting an entire calendar for the Massey Uni Vet Students. Shot over a weekend, we had a hilarious time, rounding up animals, dodging cow poo and carefully positioning props!

They do a calendar every year, to raise funds for their 'halfway day', to mark half way through their vet degrees. 10% of funds this year are going to Paw Justice also.

I've put a few images up on my portfolio site. Here's one of my favourites - didn't go in the calendar, but has been used on their website. Calendars are available to order on their website for a short time at NZ$16 each (incl. postage - NZ or international). Publicity has been great also - on TVNZ Breakfast show (Paul Henry was rather mean to one of the models!), The Dominion Post, and other NZ newspapers and TV shows.

Yet Another Theme change

Changed the theme on this blog yet again...
Latest theme is called 'Translucence' and came originally from Webtreats as a Wordpress theme, and was converted to a Blogger template by Thanks!

One day I will get around to creating my own theme, but when you're working full time, and doing paid work 'after hours', it can get a little hard to find that extra 4-5 hours to design and code up a whole theme.