Saturday, 10 July 2010


Finally got around to getting my films from Russia and China developed.
Shot on the antique Lomo 135M I bought in a flea market in Moscow, and a lot of fun trying to interpret the manual!

Cheated a bit, as we used the DSLR as a light meter to work out exposures, but over time I'm hoping to learn a bit better. The Lomo has funny little icons on the focus, apeture and shutterspeed dials that are supposed to help with guessing the correct settings - which don't make much sense anyway! So it's all rather hit an miss.

One cool feature on the 135M is the winding spring, where you can wind it up for ages, and shoot 8 frames in a row without having to wind again. Most of the close up pics are out of focus, so might have to do some experimenting on those.

I have a suspicion the photo lab might have auto-adjusted the colours, as Lomos usually have quite a green/yellow cast, but they still look great! Looking at the cd versions, most have a slightly wonky top edge, looks kinda cool tho.

Rest of the series are on my flickr account here.

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