Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The harvest has started...

... fingers crossed it continues! Peas and dwarf beans are having their first harvest today, yum yum! Ended up with 2 cups of shelled peas, and a big handful of beans. Enough for a few dinners for us.

Here's some pics of the gardens, and the first tomatoes and corn ears.

Ed helping with the harvest
Ed lending a hand

Peas and beans

First tomatoes - these look like Romas

Corn, beans and pumpkins, and a LOT of random stuff

Harvest! Yum

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Nap time project - bandana bib

Today's project while le bebe is having his morning nap is a bandana style bib.
Waterproof PUL (same stuff the modern re-usable nappies is made of) backing, absorbent hemp middle, metal popper to close it with, and a great cotton front. My PUL is from Greenbeans, and I use it for anything that needs waterproofing - change mats, bibs, wet bags - has a nice soft side for going against skin.

As my usual model is snoring away in his cot, here it is on Teddy bear. Once le bebe is up I'll try it on and modify as required.

Time: 30 mins to set up, make a pattern and sew.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nap time project - recycling

Today's project while le bebe sleeps is to recycle a formula tin and sauce bottle.

Painted using a couple of test pots for interior paint. Formula tin needed the inside part removed with a tin opener, and holes punched in the base with screwdriver/electric drill to make a planter for herbs. Just needs a later of gravel then potting mix. Also might use the lid and chop a hole in it, then plant in the hole, to minimize water evaporation.

Sauce bottle will be used as a vase.

Time: 10 mins to prep and paint, plus a few hours drying time.