Friday, 23 March 2012

First foray into Crochet

(hey, that almost rhymes!)

Crochet is one of those things you try as a child and throw away as too hard. Well, 20 years (or more?!) latter I've tried again, and am finding it pretty enjoyable!

After a few false starts, and totally undoing these twice, I've finished a pair of baby boots using a pattern available on Etsy from Yarn Blossom Boutique. Also have another pattern for adult fingerless gloves from the same seller which I'm pretty keen to try out!

Love them! I can see all the mistakes still, but wanted to get something actually finished. Hope le bebe agrees :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nap time project: quilted cushion

Decided to up the difficulty on today's cushion, and quilted a comfy pillow top on a cushion.

Also used an invisible zipper foot, and that zipper is totally invisible! Almost want to rip out the earlier cushion zips and redo them now...

Love this fabric, and want more but can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Bought it from a fabric stall at Battle Hill market a few months ago, the car boot sale I think.

Cost: $5 for front fabric, about $2 for back (homespun cotton, also used on back of quilting), about $0.50 of batting and a $2(?) invisible zip. Thread no idea! Insert is usually $5.99 at Spotlight, think I got this one during the storewide 30% off sale.

Time: about 1.5 hours, mostly working out the quilting as I've never done it before, and fiddling with the invisible zip.

Top tip: use a cushion insert that's slightly too big for the cover for that 'overstuffed' plump look :) happened by accident but I like it! The cover came out at 39cm in the end after quilting (whoops!) and the cushion insert is 41cm.

Bias tape

Made my first bias tape yesterday! Did it the old skool way, cutting strips, sewing together, then hand ironing.

Couldn't get my little tape maker to work, cut the strips to exactly 48mm as the instructions said (for 25mm tape) but it came out bunched every time.

Next time I want to try the sew before cutting method, or get a bias tape ruler to make the cuts easier. Rotary cutter helps too, lovely straight edges yum.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Comfy Cushion

Today's mission was to sew a cushion cover, the first one I've ever done. Stupidly I thought this would be really easy and be a good nap time project, but ended up taking me about 2 hours once I unpicked everything a few times! It's the greeny coloured one in the front.

My invisible zip isn't so invisible, but apart from that it came out pretty nice! Hopefully the next one will be much quicker. Much cheaper than buying the funky ones in the cool shops, but not cheaper than the Warehouse, don't mind tho as I can choose the fabric, and nobody else will have one like it. Exclusive!

Also on a good note, one of the few sunflowers that survived the chicken attack on the front garden has finally flowered.

Anyone know what this flower is? Prob from one of the wildflower mixes I sowed in this garden last summer.