Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nap time project: quilted cushion

Decided to up the difficulty on today's cushion, and quilted a comfy pillow top on a cushion.

Also used an invisible zipper foot, and that zipper is totally invisible! Almost want to rip out the earlier cushion zips and redo them now...

Love this fabric, and want more but can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Bought it from a fabric stall at Battle Hill market a few months ago, the car boot sale I think.

Cost: $5 for front fabric, about $2 for back (homespun cotton, also used on back of quilting), about $0.50 of batting and a $2(?) invisible zip. Thread no idea! Insert is usually $5.99 at Spotlight, think I got this one during the storewide 30% off sale.

Time: about 1.5 hours, mostly working out the quilting as I've never done it before, and fiddling with the invisible zip.

Top tip: use a cushion insert that's slightly too big for the cover for that 'overstuffed' plump look :) happened by accident but I like it! The cover came out at 39cm in the end after quilting (whoops!) and the cushion insert is 41cm.

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