Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nap Time Project: Fabric covered magazine file box

Title pretty much says it all! Was looking for a nice way to store patterns, and we had a whole lot of cardboard file boxes lounging about, and I've got soooo much fabric I can spare some for this!

Finished and full of patterns
Process is pretty easy - cut two rectangles to fit the sides + a bit of overlap, PVA glued them onto the sides and over the edges of the box. Then cut a strip to fit the front, ironed the edges in so it looks neat and tidy, and PVA'd that on top, tucking the ends inside and under as well. Went over all the edges with a good lot of PVA smeared on my finger, and left to dry. As the PVA dries clear, it's fine to smear it all over the place, it won't be seen once it's all dry. Didn't take enough care to smooth the fabric out properly as I was in a hurry (could hear Le Bebe stirring!), but next time I'll use a ruler or straight edge of some kind to smooth the glue on first, then smooth the fabric on top of the glue.

I used cotton quilting weight fabric, which is thick enough that the black text printed on the box doesn't show through, but almost any woven fabric should be fine - could always paint or cover up the black printing some other way (blank labels, a layer of cheap calico fabric or similar underneath before the final fabric).

I think I'll be off to Warehouse Stationary to pick up a few more magazine files and cheap cardboard storage boxes now! :)

File box drying
File box drying

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