Monday, 14 May 2012

One for the phone nerds :)

Life has been dominated by Le Bebe and Le Sewing Machine lately! Was working like mad for all of April to get ready for the Martinborough Fair, where I had a great day selling my sewn wares (bibs, baby shoes, cushions and handbags).

So finally I'm back to doing a few things for me and mine at last, along with trying out new patterns and filling a few custom orders from friends and people I met at Martinborough Fair. Currently I'm doing some smartphone sleeves - top one fits a Galaxy Nexus phone (prezzy for the Monseiur) and is made from a recycled suit jacket, and bottom one fits my iPhone nicely (canvas and cotton fabric).

Phone covers - Samsung Galaxy Nexus on top, iPhone on bottom

Phone covers - iPhone on left, Samsung Galaxy Nexus on right

Nothing too fancy, just a basic sleeve. Not 100% happy with the finishing at the top of the cases, so looking out for good patterns with different methods to what I've been doing. Would love to put a pull tab in to help with ejecting the phone, and a closure tab of some kind that doesn't add too much extra bulk/height - that's the next pattern to conquer!

Some of the tutorials I've spotted which have some good ideas:

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